Should You Buy a Home With a Bonus Room?

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Published Sept. 1, 2023
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A bonus room is a versatile extra space in a house that can’t be categorized as a traditional room, such as a bedroom or living room. Because a bonus room doesn’t qualify as another type of room, it can be converted into a space that fits your specific needs.

Bonus rooms don’t necessarily increase your home’s square footage, so their value may be more “hidden.” You’ll want to know what to do with a bonus room, or else it may not be worth buying a home with one.

Here are some creative bonus room ideas that can make buying a home with a bonus room worth it.

Pros and Cons of Buying a Home With a Bonus Room 

Bonus rooms have their benefits and drawbacks.

According to Chris Fajkos, a Realtor in Truckee, California, the main advantage of a bonus room is its versatility and potential.

“You may adjust a bonus room to suit your lifestyle and needs, such as creating a home office, playroom, hobby space, or entertainment room,” Fajkos says. “If you have a growing family or expect lifestyle changes in the future, a bonus room can also provide additional space that can accommodate those needs.”

Here are some pros and cons of buying a home with a bonus room:

Pros and Cons of Buying a Home With a Bonus Room

Benefits of a Bonus Room Drawbacks of a Bonus Room 
A bonus room can increase the value of your home.Bonus rooms may lack elements that are present in traditional rooms, like windows and closets.
You can use your imagination to come up with bonus room conversion ideas. Bonus rooms are very versatile spaces.It could be hard to effectively use the space if it is small, has a low ceiling height, or is oddly shaped. 
Some bonus rooms can be easily converted into a bedroom. You may have to spend more time cleaning and maintaining the bonus room.

Creative Ideas for a Bonus Room

Since bonus rooms are so versatile, they lend themselves to different creative uses. Think of a bonus room as a blank canvas, ready for you to transform into a space that will fit your specific needs.

Here are some creative bonus room ideas:

Creative Bonus Room Ideas

Bonus Room IdeaElements Required  
Office— Electrical outlets.
— Room for a desk and chair.
— Distance from noisy and busy areas in the home.
Guest room — A closed space, preferably with a door or other type of separation.
— Enough room for a bed and storage items, like a dresser.
— A window or skylight that lets light in.
Nursery— Enough space for a crib and changing table.
— Ideally close to a parent’s bedroom so the baby can be monitored.
Meditation room— Isolated from noisy and busy areas of the home.
— Some way to insulate noise is ideal.
— Windows aren’t necessary.
Laundry room— Electrical outlets and access to water systems.
— Enough room for a washer, a dryer, and an area to fold or hang clothes.
Music studio— Multiple electrical outlets.
— A space away from noisy areas of the home is ideal.
Bar— Multiple electrical outlets for appliances such as a refrigerator or blender.
— Enough space for a counter and an area for people to relax.
Workshop— The room doesn’t necessarily need to be finished or have nice flooring, since the area will get messy.
— Enough space to hang or store tools.
Home theater — Electrical outlets. 
— If you’re using a projector, the room requires a large blank wall.
— No need for windows.
Walk-in closet— You may need to add shelving or other storage solutions.
— Windows aren’t necessary.
Playroom— Having a window or natural source of light is ideal.
— Enough space to store toys.
— Adding padded flooring can be helpful.
— The room can have a low ceiling.
Storage space— An oddly shaped space will do.
— The room doesn’t need to be finished.
— It can have a low ceiling.
Home gym— Finished flooring isn’t required, since it could get damaged by your gym equipment.
— Can be in a basement or other enclosed space.
— The space ideally has a cooling system or an electrical outlet for a fan. 
Home library— A high ceiling for bookshelves.
— Quiet area for reading.
— Good lighting.
Yoga studio— Enough room for yoga supplies.
— Should have enough space to stretch and perform various yoga poses.

Is Buying a Home With a Bonus Room Worth It?

Before buying a home with a bonus room, think about your ideal bonus room conversion. If you know what you want to do with a bonus room and are excited by its potential, then it makes sense to buy a home with a bonus room. Otherwise, this space could go untouched while potentially increasing your home’s property taxes, and you may be better off looking at homes with features that you’ll make better use of.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about buying a home with a bonus room. 


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